fun facts

flora kung in ketchum, idaho 1989 after leaving 7th ave fun facts - who is Flora Kung
ketchum Idaho 1989, Flora after 7th Ave
  1. Flora has never been to China. 

    Although her maternal grandfather was governor of China’s Shangdong Province, Flora was born in Taiwan and spent her childhood there until high school. She later made many trips to South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, but has yet to set foot in China. 

  2. The FLORA KUNG brand only existed since 1983. 

    Therefore, all vintage FLORA KUNG started in the 80s.  

  3. Where are they made? 

    All of FLORA KUNG collections have always been printed only in Korea, and over 95% of FLORA KUNG was sewn in Korea, with the rest 3% in China or in Hong Kong through her Korean team. Two later collections were made in France when Flora lived there. 

  4. Is it true that Flora loves pink?

    Truly it all depends on the combination. But yes, Flora finds it hard to resist a good pink or orange. But if she has to wear a solid color, it’d be deep navy. (Thank you Lucia for this question!) 

  5. Linda asked on Seletcion Coste: “Is this a new flora Kung dress? Has the brand been sold? I wore Flora Kung in the 1980s. How are there new dresses?” and,  “Please explaiin how these are NWT if they are vintaga? Have these pieces been reworked or refreshed?”

    First of all, shout out to Linda for being Very Flora Kung in the 1980s! After leaving (retiring from) 7th Ave, Flora eventually designed several smaller collections from Paris and from the US. The styles that you don’t recognize from the 80s are most likely from the more recent collections. For those, she still designed original textile and continued with her fluid silouhettes – and her silk quality is just incomparably superior! So yes, they are all new-with-tag and original FLORA KUNG pieces, designed by Flora.